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Get information on when your seeds were harvested and shipped so you can better understand your seeds.


Get all the batch germination tests for your seed so you have a better idea of what your germination rates will be.


Expand your knowledge and become a better grower with all the information you need at your finger tips.

track your seeds

Verification Code

Seed Tracker Technology allows you to scan a custom QR code for every cannabis seed or strain harvested and dispensed. This gives individuals the opportunity to produce a unique verification code that will be printed on their packaging and sent out to their online customers, thus giving consumers access to a wide array of valuable growing information, and helping them unlock the full potential of their marijuana seeds. Also, you can link additional growing information to each product, guaranteeing future success for your growers!

Strain Type

STT can store and classify the genetic data of your seeds and strains, which is accessible to both you, and your growers, at any time! We believe that both beginner and experienced growers should be able to access a recorded timeline of their strains’ lineage, as it is vital information in regard to their harvest.

Country of Origin

If growers know the origins of their marijuana seeds, they can figure out where their strains thrive best, as well as their ideal growing environment. Seed Tracker Technology is ideal for aiding online consumers, as they’ll be able to know everything about these plants, improving the quality and quantity of their yield without question.

Plant & Harvest Date

STT lets growers know exactly when their seeds were produced, beginning the date that the mother plants were sown. Additionally, data is provided on when consumers’ seeds were actually harvested, and also when they were prepared for distribution.

Germination Rate

Seed Tracker Technology’s partnered brands receive the results of our three tier germination tests, informing them of what works best with their seeds and the conditions that allow their seeds to properly germinate.

Germination Instructions

To access their germination instructions, consumers have to go to our website and then enter their email address and verification code. This will direct them to a printable information sheet on their strain, which will give them all of the information they need to grow their seeds like a professional in no time!


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